When will winter end?

I’ve never been a huge fan of winter. Sure living in New England, winter can be quite pretty, especially for us photographers but it gets to a point when enough is enough and it really starts to get to you. I really enjoy being outdoors but during the winter I don’t spend enough time outside because I simply don’t function well when its cold but I try.

Luckily it’s April now and it’s finally starting to warm up but it’s sure taking its sweet ol’ time. Being bothered with seasonal affective disorder this is really taking a toll on myself. I don’t feel motivated, I’m screwing up my exercise routine. I just feel out of whack.

I’m just trying to take one day at a time. Constantly looking at the forecast certainly isn’t going to make it warmer any faster. But I do know that the closer and closer we get to May the higher the chance there is for warm weather which means new life will be begin to appear outside such as blossoms, flowers, grass, buds, etc and the old dry rotting stinky leaf air will be taken over with the fresh scents of nature.

I can make it.